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Newport Beach Pool Contractor - Orange County Pools & Spas

If you are looking for a reputable Newport Beach Pool contractor that can live up to the highest standards of excellence and install or renovate luxury level pools and spas, Orange County Pools and Spas has the expertise to meet your needs. We have been building pools in Newport Beach, Orange County, and the surrounding area since 1982, and there are few things in the pool industry we haven’t mastered. Our crew is fully trained, highly experienced, and accustomed to doing only quality work.


Orange County has one of the highest rates of pool ownership in the country, which means that there are many options when you seek a Newport Beach pool contractor for your project. Realizing the stiff competition and the great variety of pools that Newport Beach residents prefer, we have striven to make ourselves stand out from the crowd. We use high-tech virtual tours to help you decide on a pool design, use first-class tiling and stonework from National Pool Tile, and meticulously “manicure” the whole pool-surround until it is a veritable work of art.

Newport Beach Pool Repair

If you are looking to install a new pool or spa, we are a Newport Beach pool contractor that can finish the job quickly. Depending on pool size, it is not uncommon for us to excavate, tile, surround, decorate, line, and fill your new pool within only one or two weeks’ time. This speed does not arise from doing a careless “rush job,” however, but from years of well honed experience and a constant focus on the task at hand. We also work closely together as a team, keep all of our tools and materials in optimal location, and have a pre-thought-out plan to tackle every conceivable problem that may arise.


Besides new pools, Orange County Pools and Spas is a premier Newport Beach pool contractor for pool renovation jobs. Our company has handled hundreds of pool remodeling projects for almost 40 years, and we know how to deal with older pools since we were around when they were first being installed. We keep your home area as clean as possible during any demolition or resurfacing that must be done, and we always are conscious of both your safety and ours during the course of our work. The before and after pictures speak for themselves as to the quality of our pool restoration work, and we invite you to peruse our website to see the difference firsthand.